Punishment that fits the crime

Some teens pulled a nasty prank and posted a video of it on YouTube. As a part of their sentence, the judge ordered them to make another video, with the apology and to post that on YouTube. There are several similar prank videos on YouTube so I do not know which one is this one, but the apology video is here.

3 responses to “Punishment that fits the crime

  1. Often, when judges try to make the punishment fir the crime they come up with medieval humiliations that clearly reach into cruel and unusual punishment, but this one sounds spot on. People who hurt and humiliate others just to get fodder for videos should be humiliated on the very medium they chose.

  2. Kids commit nasty prank, judge makes them famous.
    That’s gonna be a great deterrent, I’m sure.

  3. Pierce R. Butler

    Today, the teens are scheduled to post another video on YouTube: an apology that shows them face down and handcuffed on the hood of a car.

    There may be some deterrent value there…