I just blushed, groaned and hyperventilated….

…as I was reading this! But it’s science! Thus, not NSFW by definition….

3 responses to “I just blushed, groaned and hyperventilated….

  1. I guess that article, by extension, helps explain why some people engage in autoerotic asphyxiation. My brother accidentally strangled himself a few months ago (according to the police, he had rigged up a release mechanism but it failed), and I’ve been looking for information that would to help me make sense of why he did what he did. Thanks for the link.

  2. Is it possible that the seemingly ever increasing groans and hyperventilation exhibited by some of our political elites is correlated with hypocapnia? Does hypocapnia account for the media articles that report some politicians all too frequently know or see god’s intentions? Could it be that altered brain metabolism, by way of drastically reduced blood flow to the brain, correlates with the emotional (limbic) responses we observe in politicians?
    My, my! A scientific reason to justify civility in politics! Yet, I suppose not, the limbic system doesn’t foster reading skills or logical thought.

  3. Ban the neckties!