Off to New York City!

I will have to turn in early as tomorrow morning Mrs.Coturnix and I are getting up at the crack of dawn and traveling to NYC to meet the SciBlings (and readers).
I did not have enough time to schedule long posts for the next four days, apart from the ubiquitous ClockQuotes, and I doubt I will have much time and inclination to post from there (though I may post some pictures!), which will give you a breather and an opportunity to catch up with me! Perhaps you can dig through the Archives and read and comment on older posts. Or you can check out lots of other cool blogs and perhaps help me update my blogroll.
And while we are there, PZ will be on Galapagos, so you may want to check his guest bloggers while he is gone.

2 responses to “Off to New York City!

  1. Can you make sure someone gets a photo of Grrlscientist? I’m sure she’ll refuse if we ask her to get one of herself.

  2. We are working on it…