The London Science Blogging Conference now has a Facebook page for discussions. Perhaps they will also have a FriendFeed room, like the BioBarCamp folks did – it was fascinating following the meeting from afar there these two days.
In the meantime, we had a secret meeting about, well, providing some neat surprises for you for the ScienceOnline’09 meeting (a.k.a., the Third Science Blogging Conference), bigger and better than ever – the website and wiki will be up in about ten days or so, watch this space for updates….

One response to “Sciblog2008

  1. We do have a FriendFeed room for the conference –
    It’s such a shame that you won’t be able to make it to the conference in person, but I hope the live bloggers and FriendFeeders will keep you in the loop!
    Hope you have a wonderful time in NY.