Blogrolling – Letter D

Continuing with asking for your help in fixing my Blogroll:

Every couple of days or so, I will post here a list of blogs that start with a particular letter, and you add in the comments if you know of something that is missing from that list.

See so far:
Numbers and Symbols
Today brought to you by letter D. This is what is on the Blogroll right now. Check also the Housekeeeping posts for other D blogs I have discovered in the meantime. Check links. Tell me what to delete, what to add:

The Daily Dish

DailyKos – Darksyde Diaries

DailyKos – My Diaries

The Daily Mammal

The Daily Transcript (old)

The Daily Transcript (new)

Dammit Jim!

Damn Data – Cabinet of Wonders

Dandelion Diva

Dangerous Intersection

Daniel’s News & Views

The Dark Wraith Forums

Darren Naish: Tetrapod Zoology

Darwinian Conservatism by Larry Arnhart

Darwin’s Army


David Brainerd’s Blog

David E’s Fablog

Daylight Atheism

DB’s Medical Rants

A DC Birding Blog

Decrepit Old Fool


Deep Grace of Theory

Deep-Sea News (old)

Deep Sea News (new)

Deep Thought

Deep Thoughts

Deep Thoughts and Silliness

Deception Blog

DefCon Blog


Democrats Now

Denialism blog (old)

Denialism blog (new)


De Rerum Natura

Desperate Serbwife

Developing Intelligence (old)

Developing Intelligence (new)

Developmental Biology at UMM

Dharma Bums

Diary of a Depressive Veterinarian

The Diaries of Franz Kafka

Dienekes’ Anthropology Blog

Digg / science


Dingo’s Kidneys

Dirty John Bonny

Dirty Greek

Discovering biology in a digital world (old)

Discovering biology in a digital world (new)

Discovering Michelle

Discovery News

The Disgruntled Chemist

Disgruntled Julie: A PhD in Progress

Dispatches from the Culture Wars

The Dispersal Of Darwin

The Divine Afflatus

Doc Around The Clock

Doctor Science Knows

Dodecahedron: Shape of the Universe

Dogged Blog

Dogwood Alliance

Dohiyi Mir

David Hone’s Archosaur Musings

Domacica iz Pakla


Down to Earth

Do You Mind?

Dragonfly Eye

Drawing The Motmot (classic archives)

Drawing The Motmot (current)

Draxblog III

Dr. C.

Dr. Dork

Drifting Through The Grift

Dr Petra Boynton’s Blog

Dr. Deborah Serani

Dr. Joan Bushwell’s Chimpanzee Refuge (old)

Dr. Joan Bushwell’s Chimpanzee Refuge (new)

Dr. Shellie

The Drunken Lagomorph

Drunken Tune

DSHR’s Blog

Duas Quartunciae

The dubious biologist


The Dullest Blog In The World (archives)

Dum Luk’s

Dynamics of Cats

2 responses to “Blogrolling – Letter D

  1. Hi Bora! You can safely delete me (Dileffante), since by now it’s quite obvious that I never really got started. I still fantasize that some day I will blog… *sob*
    If it happens, I’ll let you know at your next updating round.