Assassin Bugs and Bats

4 responses to “Assassin Bugs and Bats

  1. Awesome. When I see something like that, some reminder of how vast and complex and profoundly amazing the biosphere is, what I feel is what I imagine religious feeling to be like.

  2. Awesome! Linked! Agree with Bill 100%. Their syringe-like mouthpiece is pretty gnarly! We have several cousins to those assassin bugs in our yard. They are all grown up to adults now, but these ones eat other bugs. Which is why we like them!

  3. Kevin, you won’t like them so much when you wake up and notice one you have rolled over on in your sleep and crushed, squeezing out what looks like a teaspoon of blood. Your blood. The Eastern blood-sucking conenose, to be exact. At least we don’t have Chagas’ disease this far north. Yet. It may be what killed Darwin. If I remember correctly, they go as far north as New Jersey in the US. sweet dreams, rb

  4. The above comment should not be understood to minimize the pleasure I take in seeing one of the insectivorous Assassin bugs suck the life out of a Japanese beetle on the raspberry bushes. rb