, v.2.0

The cat is out of the bag! The version2.0 of is ready to go and you can test it out:

After a week of late nights and hard coding, our development team has released the beta version of the site to our entire userbase! You can visit the new site here:
We are planning on launching the site at the address over the weekend, but you can get a head start now setting up your account, customizing it the way you like, and trying out all our new features. (note: All passwords have been reset, so you’ll need to use the “forgot password?” link to set your password)
There will be much, much more on our official launch date of September 2, but here is a partial list of new features:
* Multiple language support (and 30 new German-language bloggers!)
* Topic-specific RSS feeds
* Post-by-post tagging with topics and subtopics
* “Recover password” feature
* Email alerts when there is a problem with posts
* Users can flag posts that don’t meet our guidelines
* Customized user home pages with bios and blog descriptions
* Blogger photos/other images displayed with each post
* Multiple bloggers per blog
* Multiple blogs per blogger
* Advanced troubleshooting features
We’re super excited that the system is ready to go, and we look forward to seeing you on the new site!

Well, we took a little look at the PLoS HQ and noticed that out of 87 pages of ‘all results’ there are 8 pages of ‘PLoS’ results – implying that about 10% of all the BPR3 posts are on PLoS papers from all seven journals – and of those, 4 pages are just on PLOS ONE papers – which is about 5%. All I can say is w00t! for Open Access – when bloggers can read, bloggers will write.

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