Open Access and science blogs in the Anglo-American School in Belgrade

Vedran continues to spread the Openness in Serbia:

Anglo-American School Belgrade, a small private school in Belgrade, started its academic year with an opening ceremony celebrating the joy of learning.
Teachers who gathered on the first day of school learned about the intention of the school management to offer them a number of links to Open Access repositories and Open Access RSS feed aggregators for use in educational practice. Teachers learned about the freedom of knowledge and, with great enthusiasm, started to explore a variety of resources of information in order to enrich lectures and to train the students to seek the information and knowledge on the Internet by using Open Access repositories, scientific blogs, open notebook and other methods of disseminating freedom of information and knowledge.
PLoS and scientific blogs were found very attractive due to possibility to communicate with scientists directly. The parents supported the school’s intentions to offer more resources of information and knowledge and to follow efforts of scientists worldwide to share their experiences, thought and knowledge.”


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