Amy Harmon answers reader questions

Amy Harmon, a national correspondent covering the impact of science and technology on American life, answered questions from readers Sept. 15-19.:
Talk to the Newsroom: Amy Harmon:

Ms. Harmon, who won a Pulitzer Prize this year for her series, “The DNA Age,” is part of a team of national reporters that focus thematically on contemporary social issues. She is interested in all the ways science and technology shape how we live. Her DNA series examines how ordinary people (including herself) are dealing with new genetic technologies that reveal perhaps more than we were ever prepared to learn about who we are, what diseases may be headed our way and what kind of children we are likely to have.
Recently, Ms. Harmon has begun to explore the tension between science and religion in America. She wrote last month about a high school teacher in Florida trying to teach evolution to students raised to believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible.
And if you are not a physicist but actually care about the Large Hadron Collider (the Higgs boson part, not the black holes!) she’s interested in hearing why.

Now read the whole thing – some very interesting questions and answers!

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