ScienceOnline’09 – be a sponsor

Are you or your company/organization in a position to sponsor the conference? It is organized and run by volunteers, registration is free, but putting this together still takes some money and effort. For this, we rely on our sponsors and volunteers.
There are several ways that you can sponsor the event:
Provide a grant
Cash grants provide us funds to pay for discussion leaders’ travel and lodging, travel grants for students, tote bags and t-shirts (see below), wifi tech support, meals and refreshments, meeting supplies and more.
Display ads placed in your magazine or newsletter, on your blog or through your network help us to spread the word about the conference.
Swag for the grab bag
Your donation of magazines, books, DVDs and other scientific reference materials will fill the tote bags that we will give to all attendees. Why give away dead-tree materials at a conference about science online? Because we want our attendees to take these materials back to the classrooms, libraries and living rooms in their communities.
Your attendance at the conference adds to the wonderful gathering of smart, talented, interesting people. We know we have a lot to learn from you, so please plan to attend the conference. And help us build the Conference Program.
All our sponsors get the satisfaction of supporting an event that promotes the public understanding of science. You also get our link-love — we’ll plaster your logo on the conference wiki and materials and link to you from our many blogs.
If you want to help, sign up here.

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