SciBlings at ScienceOnline’09

You may remember how last two years I introduced all registrants for the blogging conferences, 2-3 people per day. I decided this year to do it less often, but to introduce more people in each post. Let me start with an easy group to gather – my Sciblings:
Brian will be there.
Grrrrl will be there.
Both SciCurious and Evil Monkey as well.
And Greg Laden.
And Janet, of course.
And Zuska and Tara.
James for sure.
And yes, Abel and Sheril and Dr.Pal.
Both Sciencewoman and Alice said they’re coming.
Mo will do his best to come across the pond.
And there are probably going to be more – they just need to check their calendars and finances and register – so watch the growing registration list. And register yourself.

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