ScienceOnline09 – we are full!

Registration for ScienceOnline09 is now closed — we’ve hit our limit.
Send a message to to get your name on the waitlist as we expect some registered individuals to cancel closer to the event.
And if you cannot make it, we’ll try to make as many sessions as possible broadcast live so you can participate.

2 responses to “ScienceOnline09 – we are full!

  1. Excellent! So many individuals I’d like to meet.

  2. WOWWWW!! Bora, what a tribute to you and Anton (and others involved) that the conference is filled 3 MONTHS ahead of time! Great job! (Guess this means a bigger venue for 2010, huhh; maybe the Dean Dome ;-))
    Anyway, just realized that the new Prez gets inaugurated on Jan. 20, barely after the conference — can’t think of a better group of folks to be with on the weekend prior.