Reporter assaulted at a Palin rally

Joe Killian is a reporter for Greensboro News&Record. Friday, he went to a Sarah Palin rally at Elon University and filed a report from there for his newspaper.
But he also got assaulted – the first reporter so far – and then blogged about the incident.
Pam has more details.
Joe lived through the ordeal and joined us all at ConvergeSouth for a while.
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2 responses to “Reporter assaulted at a Palin rally

  1. That kind of rally seems familar to me, at least as filtered through art.
    Cabaret: (excerpt from Wikipedia)– Fosse cut all the book songs that advanced the plot, leaving only the songs that are sung within the confines of the Kit Kat Klub. One exception is “Tomorrow Belongs to Me,” which is sung in a beer garden.

  2. I don’t know whom I feel more sorry for: the idiot who kicks a reporter from behind, or a guy who waits until after his attacker is gone to say he would have kicked his ass but…