She’s all set with her new job

Once she loses in November (and perhaps gets impeached as the Governor of Alaska), Palin can get a permanent job on Saturday Night Live. She fits there well, is just as good as the rest of the crew, and we can continue NOT watching the show, just like we have not for years now:

5 responses to “She’s all set with her new job

  1. oh come on! Would it kill you rabid lefties to admit she was funny? She did great on SNL.

  2. That’s what I said: “she was as good as the rest of the crew”. She was funny, and that is why I want her on SNL, not in politics.

  3. Nattering Nabob of Negativism

    Palin working at SNL? What, as Tina Fey’s understudy? Or her stunt double?

  4. Tina Fay would be busy working at the White House, I understand 😉

  5. Sarah Palin has been a temporary ratings bonanza for the show, hasn’t she?