‘Experimental Heart’ – first novel by Jennifer Rohn

Jennifer Rohn’s first lab lit novel, ‘Experimental Heart‘ is now available for sale! It is described as “A literary thriller/romance set in the London research scene, ‘Experimental Heart’ is a thought-provoking, page-turning lab adventure that exposes the hidden world of modern scientists”:

During his many long nights in the lab, scientist Andy O’Hara has plenty of time to wonder about the mysterious and beautiful Gina, first glimpsed in a lit window across the courtyard. He doesn’t realize she is consumed by her vaccine research, concerned about her biotech company’s financial problems, and about to become the prime target of animal rights activists. She is also distracted by a charming pharmaceutical mogul who offers funding for her work and a glamorous escape from her past mistakes.
When Andy finally meets Gina, his monotonous life starts to unravel. Soon he becomes embroiled in an increasingly complex web of deception as he scrambles to discover his rival’s true intentions. When Gina abruptly disappears, Andy sets off to find her. But is it too late? Is there a more sinister reason behind Gina’s involvement with the company? Is Gina’s vaccine all it appears to be? And is Andy ready to acknowledge that there is more to life than work?
Narrated with Andy’s irreverent view of a profession that both fascinates and frustrates him, Experimental Heart is an engaging romantic thriller set against the backdrop of contemporary scientific research.

As you know, Jennifer is this year’s guest editor of Open Laboratory. You can buy the book and get more information at:
Publisher’s sale site
Press release

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    just a heads-up on my review of Jenny’s book (also available at Amazon.com). Have you bought your copy yet? 😉