The Best of October

The monthly recap of posts I liked, but you may have missed. Lotsa politics, understandably, but not all – I did manage to post some other cool stuff as well. Where are the SuperReaders when one needs them?!
From Telecommuting to Coworking
Bloggers at the Zoo – movies #10
Offal is Good
Wikipedia, just like an Organism: clock genes wiki pages
Politics of Animal Protection
What insect is this?
Carrboro Citizen – a model for the newspaper of the future
The Nobel Prize conundrum
Open Access Day – the blog posts
And the Winner is…..!
Quick ConvergeSouth08 recap
Obama-McCain race – a Serbian parallel lesson?
Clay Shirky: It’s Not Information Overload. It’s Filter Failure.
Smoke Signals, Blogs, and the Future of Politics
Publishing and Communicating Science
Palin, autism and fruitflies – it does not add up
Lawrence Lessig for Copyright Czar!
Small Town Fear Itself – the Zombie Attack!
Information vs. Knowledge vs. Expertise
In today’s ‘Guardian’
Reading Recommendation for today
Atheists – the last U.S. minority that can be openly maligned without consequence
Open Laboratory 2008 – just one month left for your entries!

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