The Open Laboratory 2008 – only half a month remains!

We are busy preparing for The Open Laboratory 2008. The submissions have been trickling in all year, and a little bit more frequently recently, but it is time now to dig through your Archives for your best posts since December 20th 2007 and submit them. Submit one, or two, or several – no problem. Or ask your readers to submit for you.
Then take a look at your favourite bloggers and pick some of their best posts – don’t worry, we can deal with duplicate entries. Do not forget new and up-coming blogs – they may not know about the anthology – and submit their stuff as well.
As we did last year, we encourage you to also send in original poems and cartoons.
Keep in mind that the posts will be printed in a book! A post that relies heavily on links, long quotes, copyrighted pictures, movies, etc., will not translate well into print.
The deadline is December 1st, 2008. – just half a month to go!
Below are submissions so far. Check them out and get inspired. If you see that one of your posts is at an old URL and you have since moved, re-submit with the new URL (perhaps re-post it if necessary).
Posting URLs in the comments does not work. Go down to the bottom of this post (or to the sidebar of this blog) and click on the “Submit to OpenLab2008” button.

49 percent: Textbooks and reproduction– why they gotta embellish?
49 percent: *groan*
49 percent: She said to no one in particular
A Blog Around the Clock: The Nobel Prize conundrum
A Blog Around The Clock: Science vs. Britney Spears
A Blog Around The Clock: Domestication – it’s a matter of time (always is for me, that’s my ‘hammer’ for all nails)
A Blog Around The Clock: Scientists are Excellent Communicators (‘Sizzle’ follow-up)
A Blog Around The Clock: Why do earthworms come up to the surface after the rain?
A Blog Around The Clock: Clock Classics: It all started with the plants
A Blog Around The Clock: The Future is Here and it is Bright: Interview with Anne-Marie Hodge
A canna’ change the laws of physics: Expect The Unexpected
A canna’ change the laws of physics: Lost In Translation? Part I: What Is Incommensurability And Why Should I Care?
A canna’ change the laws of physics: Lost In Translation? Part II: Kuhnian Incommensurability
Aardvarchaeology: The Strange Fate of the First Christian Burials on Gotland
Aardvarchaeology: Investigating the Field of Saint Olaf
Adventures in Ethics and Science: Girls, boys, and Math
Adventures in Ethics and Science: Research with vulnerable populations: considering the Bucharest Early Intervention Project (part 1).
Adventures in Ethics and Science: Research with vulnerable populations: considering the Bucharest Early Intervention Project (part 2).
Adventures in Ethics and Science: The Hellinga Retractions (part 1): when replication fails, what should happen next?
Adventures in Ethics and Science: The Hellinga retractions (part 2): trust, accountability, collaborations, and training relationships.
Aetiology: What’s it like to work an Ebola outbreak?
Aetiology: Where did syphilis come from?
All My Faults are Stress-Related: Data, Interpretations and Field Work
All My Faults are Stress-Related: Analogies, analog modeling, and squashed chocolate
Almost Diamonds: Diversity Now
Amphidrome: Crabs and Barnacles of the Texas Panhandle
Antimatter: The Big Bang and the Mind of God
Antimatter: Do anti-depressants work?
Antimatter: The Standard Model
Antimatter: Supersymmetry
Antimatter: Cambridge conference review
Antimatter: Hubble puzzle
Antimatter: Hubble solution
Antimatter: The Denial of Global Warming
Archy: A Century of Tunguska
Archy: On Planets X and Names
Backreaction: We have only ourselves to judge on each other
Backreaction: Blaise Pascal, Florin Perier, and the Puy de Dome experiment
Backreaction: The Equivalence Principle
Biocurious: We need to stop pigeon-holing science
Biological Ramblings: New species in 2008
Biological Ramblings: Avian relationships – What do we know?
Blogfish: Saving the ocean with guilt or desire?
Bootstrap Analysis: Malnourished waterfowl dying in Michigan-Ontario
BrainBlogger: The Human Injury of Lost Objectivity
Bug Girl’s Blog: Do those mosquito zapper things really work?
Building confidence: Big data: an informaticians best friend
Cabinet of Wonders: A Rule of Thumb
Carbon Nation: The Giant’s Shoulders: Edwin Salpeter edition
Catalogue of Organisms: The Strangest of Spiders
Catalogue of Organisms: The Origins of Flowers
Catalogue of Organisms: Conversations with Cothurnocystis
Catalogue of Organisms: Are You Sucking on a Lemon or a Lime?
Charles Darwin’s blog: If only I’d had a magic results machine in 1836…
Cocktail Party Physics: tit for tat
Cocktail Party Physics: hot capillary action
Coffee & Conservation: Know your coffee birds: Jacu
Cognitive Daily: The origins of the study of memory
Cognitive Daily: A baby’s psychological development at age 6 months
Cosmic Variance: The First Quantum Cosmologist
Cosmic Variance: Dark Photons
Cosmic Variance: The Physics of Chocolate
DamnGoodTechnician: Why I’m a tech
Denialism blog: My New Product: All Natural Pb
Denialism blog: Why good medicine requires materialism
Denialism blog: There is no such thing as alternative medicine
Denialism blog: I’m a holistic doctor
Denialism blog: Were the ancients fools?
Denialism blog: Fountain pens
Denialism blog: Try and beat this one, alties!
Deep Thoughts and Silliness: The Hierarchical Structure of Bad Writing
Deep Thoughts and Silliness: The Deeper Meaning of a Residual Plot
Digital Cuttlefish: Danger! Warning!
Digital Cuttlefish: The singularity can’t come soon enough
Digital Cuttlefish: The Evolutionary Biology Valentine’s Day Poem
Digital Cuttlefish: Apology 130 to William Shakespeare
Digital Cuttlefish: I Am The Very Model Of A Devious Creationist
Digital Cuttlefish: How Chromosome Numbers Change
Digital Cuttlefish: Oh Ye Of Little Faith
Dreams and hopes of a (post doc) scientist: Why I (shouldn’t) don’t tell too many people what I (really) do
Dreams and hopes of a (post doc) scientist: TLR, PPR, cytokines and signaling
Dr. Jekyll & Mrs. Hyde: Why I blog….
DrugMonkey (PhysioProf): Academic Science: Not A Care Bears Fucking Tea Party
DrugMonkey (PhysioProf): Why Comrade PhysioProf Loves Teaching Medical Physiology
DrugMonkey (DrugMonkey): Most Scientists are Perfectly Happy Not Publishing in GlamourMagz
Dynamic Earth: Expanding Earth and the Conspiracy of Science
Dynamics of Cats: Physics Made Magical
Earth Impacts: Home Climate
Earth Impacts: Your Radioactive Kitchen
Earth Impacts: Stop Illegal Climate Immigration
Ed Boyden’s Blog: Research as a Community-Building Activity
evolgen: The Probability of Winning the NBA Draft Lottery
evolgen: How many genes do you share with your twentieth cousin?
Evolving Thoughts: Darwin, God and chance
Evolving Thoughts: Fallacies on Fallacies
Evolving Thoughts: Aristotle on the mayfly
Evolving Thoughts: On Ontology and Metaphysics: Substance Abuse
Expression Patterns: What will you be?
Expression Patterns: Last Saturday
Extreme Biology: Humorless Homework
FairerScience: Sid the Science Kid: A Review
Female Science Professor: Journal Matchmaking
FemaleScienceProfessor: The Best Woman
Freelancing science: Freelancing science – today and tomorrow
Freelancing science: By any measure I’m average at most
Giovanna Di Sauro’s blog: Who’s afraid of Bisphenol A? (part 1)
Giovanna Di Sauro’s blog: Who’s afraid of Bisphenol A? (part 2)
Greg Laden’s Blog: Cultural Evolution from Mosquitos to Worm Grunting
Greg Laden’s blog: Size and Scaling in Hominid Evolution
Guadalupe Storm-Petrel: To Equine Things There is a Season (guest post by Barn Owl)
Guadalupe Storm-Petrel: Otocephaly in the Guinea Pig
Guadalupe Storm-Petrel: Earliest Axons in the Early Bird Embryo
GumbyTheCat: The Texas Two-Step
GumbyTheCat: An Open Letter To Creationists
Highly Allochthonous: Where the Earth’s magnetic field comes from
Hope for Pandora: Dear Reviewer
Humans in Science: National Science Policies – Upheaval in France
Hypo-theses: Geology and Beer
Isis the Scientist: Isis’s Super Family Fun Day
It’s a Micro World after all: Primum non nocere – Part I
It’s a Micro World after all: Celebrity Death Match – Biodiesel vs. Bioethanol (Part I)
I was lost but now I live here: Departmental retreats: academia with a twist of karaoke
I was lost but now I live here: The future of science, gradical change, and tools for the people
Juniorprof: Why I support open access
Juniorprof: Postdoc to PI transition
Laelaps: Reaction to Darwin’s Descent
Laelaps: Geese from barnacles
Laelaps: Thomas Jefferson’s All-American incognitum
Laelaps: Wallowing dinosaurs and birds on the 5th day
Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted): Science Blogging for Scientists: Planting the Seed
Living the Scientific Life: Audubon’s Aviary: Portraits of Endangered Species
Living the Scientific Life: Lovebird Behavior: Nature or Nurture?
Mad Scientist, Jr.: Brain Extractions
Magma Cum Laude: Cenozoic magmatism and the subduction of the Farallon Slab
Mario’s Entangled Bank: The Year of Evolution in the age of Open Access
Marmorkrebs: How Marmorkrebs can make the world a better place
Michael Nielsen: The Future of Science
Mild Opinons: Ideal free ducks
Mind the Gap: In which two dreams and an episode of CSI change the course of history
Mind the Gap: In which my dreams come true
Mindshavings: Further Recursion Excursion
Minor Revisions: To Whom it May Concern
My Favourite Places: Pepijn’s Livingroom Urban Research Program (PLURP)
Nano2Hybrids: Girly Girls in Science
Nano2Hybrids: Ethical Scientist Code
Nano2Hybrids: What IS a carbon nanotube?
NeuroDojo: Making mimetics scientific
Neurophilosophy: Wilder Penfield: Neural Cartographer
Neurotic Physiology: Uber Coca, by Sigmund Freud
Neurotic Physiology: Passage of an Iron Rod through the Head
Neurotic Physiology: Diabetes Insipidus as a Sequel to a Gunshot Wound of the Head
Neurotic Physiology: Broca’s Area, 1865
Neurotic Physiology: Weird Science Friday REDUX
Neurotopia 2.0: An Essay on the Shaking Palsy
Neurotopia 2.0: Warm fuzzies and getting to know your profs
NOVA Geoblog: Perspectives on coastal tectonics
Observations of a Nerd: Having Some Fun With Evolution
Of Two Minds: How to Sex a Chick
On Becoming a Domestic and Laboratory Goddess: Where Dr. Isis Tells the Students to Sack Up….
One Big Lab: Envisioning the scientific community as One Big Lab
Open Reading Frame: An Open Access partisan’s view of ‘Electronic Publication and the Narrowing of Science and Scholarship’
O’Really?: Famous for fifteen people
O’Really?: If Science was an Olympic Sport…
Panthera studentessa: What ecology is NOT
Partially Attended: Why the LHC is not really that impressive
Plus magazine – news from the world of maths: United Kingdom – Nil Points
Podblack Blog: The Specialness Of Species
Podblack Blog: Looking Good – Scientifically
Podblack Blog: Smart Bitches, Not Meerly Sex
Podblack Blog: She’s Already Got Science – Women, Skepticism And The Need For More Research
Podblack Blog: Political Punditry on McCain’s Magical Thinking
Podblack Blog: The Sarah Silverman Of Skepticism
Podblack Blog: Classic Science Paper: Belief in Fortune Telling Amongst College Students
Podblack Blog: Political Punditry on McCain’s Magical Thinking
Pondering Pikaia: Social Clocks: How do cave bats know when it is dark outside?
Prairie Mary: Religion for Scientists
Principles of Neurobiotaxis: The evolution and evolvability of modularity in the brain
Providentia: Dr. Fliess’ Patient
Public Rambling: Post-publication journals
Rants of a Feminist Engineer: Stories of an academic panel discussion
Reciprocal Space: I hate blogs, bloggers and blogging
Reciprocal Space: The battle for my eternal soul
rENNISance woman: Nobody expects…
rENNISance woman: My first Nature paper
Rubor Dolor Calor Tumor: Calor?
Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week: Sauropod pneumaticity, the early years
Science After Sunclipse: The Necessity of Mathematics
Sciencebase Science Blog: Dark Energy
Science Blog: Modern Cosmology
Science in the open: Avoid the pain and embarassment – make all the raw data available
Sciencewomen: Prioritizing research time
Sciphu: The Swedish Chlamydia Mystery
Skulls in the Stars: The gallery of failed atomic models, 1903-1913
Skulls in the Stars: ‘Interference between different photons never occurs:’ Not! (1963)
Skulls in the Stars: The discovery, rediscovery, and re-rediscovery of computed tomography
Stop Procrastinating: You Can All Sleep Sound Tonight
Stripped Science: Last question (comic strip)
Stripped Science: The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2008 (comic strip)
Swans on Tea: ‘Classic’ Timekeeping, Part I
Swans on Tea: ‘Classic’ Timekeeping, Part II
Swans on Tea: ‘Classic’ Timekeeping, Part III
Tangled Up in Blue Guy: Respect Astrology
Tangled Up in Blue Guy: One Gene, One Trait? (Part 1 in a series)
Tangled Up in Blue Guy: One Gene, One Trait? (Part 2)
Tangled Up in Blue Guy: One Gene, One Trait? (Part 3)
Terra Sigilatta: Liveblogging the Vasectomy Chronicles
Terra Sigilatta: Is organic chemistry still relevant in the pre-medical curriculum?
Tetrapod Zoology: Sleep behaviour and sleep postures
The Beagle Project Blog: Genomics and plant evolution: blogging on my own peer reviewed research
The Beagle Project Blog: Detecting natural selection: a pika’s tale
The Beagle Project Blog: Saving Darwin’s muse
The Beagle Project Blog: A guest post by Wallace’s Rottweiler on the 150th anniversary of natural selection.
The Beagle Project Blog: Would that which we call a rose, by a DNA barcode, smell as sweet?
The Big Room: A small modification of Koch’s plating method
The Daily Transcript: From Metabolism to Oncogenes and Back – Part I
The Daily Transcript: From Metabolism to Oncogenes and Back – Part II
The Daily Transcript: From Metabolism to Oncogenes and Back – Part III
The End of the Pier Show: Ashtrays and Authority
The End Of The Pier Show: On The Hardness of Biology
The Flying Trilobite: Haldane’s Precambrian Puzzle
The Green Grok: Understanding Oil
The Loom: Dawn of the Picasso fish
The Mouse Trap: Evolution of Life: the eight stage process repeating again and again?
The Mouse Trap: The (eight) basic adaptive problems faced by all animals (esp humans)
The Musings of a Life-Long Scholar: Because I like it
The Musings of a Life-Long Scholar: How I became a Geologist
The Musings of a Life-Long Scholar: Connecting Microscopic and Continental Scales
The Natural Patriot: Biodiversity and the limits to growth
The OpenHelix Blog: The Beginnings of Immunofluorescence
The Other 95%: Right Whale Lice
The Oyster’s Garter: Urochordata, Urochordata, Rah, Rah, Rah!
The Oyster’s Garter: Perverted cannibalistic hermaphrodites haunt the Pacific Northwest!
The Oyster’s Garter: How a coccolithophore without its plates is like a grin without a cat
The Scientific Activist: Why Are Veins Blue?
The Scientific Activist: Do You Want to Be Able to Crap Gold?
The Scientific Activist: Water on Mars, Part 1
The Scientist: On depression–a personal perspective
The Scientist: On the Nature of Networking
The Scientist: We are Stardust
The Sciphu Weblog: Now this is why we need genetic counselors
The Sciphu Weblog: How everything is a mess and still ok
The Sciphu Weblog: Was it all in vain ? The scientific method tale
The Skeptical Alchemist: From chance to function: the story of one gene (part 1)
The Skeptical Alchemist: From chance to function: the story of one gene (part 2)
The Skeptical Alchemist: From chance to function: the story of one gene (part 3)
The Tree of Life: The Fake Science News (or, Spitzer on OA): Eisen Resigns in Disgrace Over Scandal
The Tree of Life: What is so bad about brain doping? Apparently, NIH thinks something is.
The Tree of Life: Freeing My Father’s Scientific Publications
The Tree of Life: Tracing the evolutionary history of Sarah Palin: links to a parasitic nematode and the pathogenic fungus Botryotinia fuckeliana
The Wild Side: Cancer of the Devil
Thesis – with Children: What is Fair?
Thesis – with Children: The Semi-Adult
Thinking is Dangerous: Bluffer’s Guide to Consumer-Related Science Papers
Tomorrow’s Table: The Whirlpool of Scientific Thought
Tomorrow’s Table: 10 Things about GE crops to Scratch From Your Worry List
Uncertain Principles: Physical Theories Squeak When You Chew Them
UsefulChem: Experimental Uncertainty Principle
UsefulChem: Science is about mistrust
Web 2.0 and Semantic Web for Bioinformatics: Open Access, Science Commons, Open Science
What is interesting me today?: Science – the new cool?
What is Life?: Work and Life Balance & Importance of Sleep!
What is Life?: Who am I?
Working the Bench: Publications & Grants Don’t Matter – Just Pedigree
XKCD: Unscientific
XKCD: Height
XKCD: Scientific Fields arranged by Purity
Zimblog: The gender gap in math has disappeared
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