How to turn your alarm-clock into your worst enemy

Here are a few examples. One will feed you greasy bacon every morning. The other will donate to the GOP. Others will force you to perform either menial or mental tasks. I prefer a more gradual approach – a system that gradually increases the illumination in the room, the volume of sound (some pre-chosen music), etc. and only does something dramatic at the last, most critical point in time when you absolutely HAVE to get up.
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[btw, check out the other pages on that site – there are some other cool inventions there, mixed up with some quite silly ones]

3 responses to “How to turn your alarm-clock into your worst enemy

  1. D. C. Sessions

    All fairly clever. However, I prefer the simple elegance of a coffee maker that starts the day by grinding fresh-roasted beans and then brewing a fresh pot of coffee. Right next to the bread machine that finishes the overnight loaf at the same time. It’s lovely waking up to the smells of fresh coffee and bread.
    Of course, I always end up hitting the button to start the coffee maker ’cause I don’t want to wait an hour for it to go off on its own and then I have to smell that lovely bread baking for an hour before I can attack it …
    Like the ad says, nobody likes a morning person — including other morning people.

  2. My alarm clock already is my worst enemy, and pretty much always has been. How the hell did it get decided that getting up before 10am was a good idea? Did all the morning people get up extra early one morning and decide it while everyone else was still in bed?
    Still, one evening, we’re going to kill them all while they sleep…

  3. Dunc… lemme know. I’m in.