Croatian Facebook Group Results in Arrest

That’s interesting:

Croatia currently has over 400,000 users on Facebook and that is more than a 15 percent growth over last month according to our own internal statistics. Facebook tends to be one of the first locations that younger generations turn to for expressing their political frustrations. There is no doubt that Facebook will continue to be a center for political expression.
Svetlana Gladkova suggests that the primary reason he was arrested was not simply that he created the Facebook group but that, “he is actually the president of one of the local branches of the youth of SDP (social democratic party) which is in opposition to the government in Croatia.” Niksa Klecak was eventually released due to a lack of evidence after being initially arrested for keeping “Nazi symbols and propaganda at home.”


3 responses to “Croatian Facebook Group Results in Arrest

  1. I was trying to find out how many people from Croatia and Serbia are on Facebook – network for Serbia counts a bit over 160 thousand and Croatia has a bit over 170 thousand. How did they come up with 400 thousand?

  2. Many people do not join the geographical networks. While there is an explosion of new Facebookers there, most of the earlier adopters of Facebook are expats – just check the Balkan-sounding names of Canadian highschoolers! Also, the Serbs, Croats etc., wherever they may live today, tend to friend each other and join the same groups (I love chocolate bananas, Balasevic is da best, etc.).

  3. That’s what I figured, but in the event of people not telling where they’re from, I don’t know how they managed to get that number. It’s probably just an estimate or something like that.