This is an awful lot of REALLY fast dolphins! (video)

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A dolphin stampede!

4 responses to “This is an awful lot of REALLY fast dolphins! (video)

  1. A little more information about this wonderful video would be appreciated!

  2. I wish for that myself. I posted it hoping that my science-educated commenters will shed more light on this video.

  3. I think that’s the Sea of Cortez. I don’t know the species of dolphin, though I’ve seen them off Southern California also.

  4. I found one blog having a post from the alleged owner/creator of the Dolphin Stampede clip saying this was taken during a fishing trip in “Sea of Cortez between Isla la Guardia and Bajia de los Angeles”. As I watched the dolphins making high arches with great speed, rather than exhibiting playfulness, I was curious about sonar testing in that area. I’ve started a couple of google searches (gotta love it) of “sonar testing Sea of Cortez” & “fishing boat sonar + dolphins” and apparently have a wealth of information to read regarding the issue. Could it not be that the fishing boat using sonar/depth perception/fish finder (after all, a fish finder is sonar) be irritating to a species with tremendous sensitivity? A mystery of our lifetimes…