Undergraduate science research journals

I did not know there were so many of them:
Student science publishing: an exploratory study of undergraduate science research journals and popular science magazines in the US and Europe:

Science magazines have an important role in disseminating scientific knowledge into the public sphere and in discussing the broader scope affected by scientific research such as technology, ethics and politics. Student-run science magazines afford opportunities for future scientists, communicators, politicians and others to practice communicating science. The ability to translate ‘scientese’ into a jargon-free discussion is rarely easy: it requires practice, and student magazines may provide good practice ground for undergraduate and graduate science students wishing to improve their communication skills.

3 responses to “Undergraduate science research journals

  1. thanks for sharing. I’m checking it out now.

  2. And they probably even missed a couple. I know of JULS at UofT but can imagine there are a few other hidden ones.

  3. Oh, right, I see: it’s US and Europe only.