Are you interviewing your family members today?

If so, record it, or write it down, upload a podcast or post on your blog. And:

After the overwhelming response to the National Day of Listening, we are hoping to pass on a new holiday idea: For everyone who did an interview surrounding the National Day of Listening (or are thinking about recording a loved one), making a copy of it and pairing it with a paperback copy of our book, “Listening is an Act of Love,” provides a meaningful touch to the holiday season, and gives that special someone even more incredible stories to read! The book as well as more DIY recording tips can be linked to at

One response to “Are you interviewing your family members today?

  1. Heard your interview on NPR and was, to say the least, inspired!
    Talked the idea over with my 90 year old mom and was surprised to find how accepting she is and eager to get started (her mood and her eyes light up).
    I can’t thank you enought,