Darwin Bicentenary

2009 is the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth and 150th anniversary of the publication of the Origin of Species, so a lot of organizations are going full steam in promoting science, evolution and the history of science this year. Here are some of the examples:
The New Scientist has published Darwin’s dangerous idea: Top 10 evolution articles (see Larry for some commentary).
Nature is ready for the celebration with a special page – Darwin 200 – collecting all the articles. Check out the most recent one – 15 evolutionary gems (pdf)
Over on The Loom – a three-part interview with Ken Miller on evolution and the demise of Intelligent Design Creationism:
Smoke and Mirrors, Whales and Lampreys: A Guest Post by Ken Miller
Ken Miller’s Guest Post, Part Two
Ken Miller’s Final Guest Post: Looking Forward
And of course, expect a lot of activity on The Beagle Project Blog and, donate to the Beagle Project.

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  1. And be sure to know that my Darwin blog has switched to a new blog service, now at WordPress: http://thedispersalofdarwin.wordpress.com/

  2. That’s the next post, Michael, already scheduled for later tonight 😉