ScienceOnline’09 – Saturday blogging

Too tired (and it’s too late) to write anything myself….but others have done it:
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Sciencewomen: Open Access publishing at ScienceOnline 2009
Sciencewomen: Alice’s gender and science session: How can we be allies?
Sciencewomen: ScienceOnline09: The day wends on
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Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted): What Happened to Tangled Bank?
Adventures in Ethics and Science: ScienceOnline’09: Managing your online persona through transitions.
Culture Dish: Documents for my ScienceOnline 09 Getting Published Talk
The End Of The Pier Show:
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Charles Darwin’s blog: A glass of sherry in the direction of those
The End Of The Pier Show: Lines on the First Morning of ScienceOnline09
Deep Thoughts and Silliness: Semi-live Blogging Scienceonline09: Day 1
10000birds: Talking Blog Carnivals at ScienceOnline09 ScienceOnline09: Open Notebook Science ScienceOnline09: Midway in the first day ScienceOnline09: Social Networks for Scientists
Crowded Head, Cozy Bed: Science Online Notes
Physics for girls?: ScienceOnline ’09
HASTAC blogs: Liveblogging ScienceOnline ’09: Coffee Cupping Event
HASTAC blogs: Liveblogging ScienceOnline ’09: Race in Science Online and Offline
HASTAC blogs: Liveblogging ScienceOnline ’09: Anonymity and Pseudonymity – Building Reputation Online
HASTAC blogs: Liveblogging Science Online ’09: Social networks for scientists
UDreamOfJanie: Lounging About
Pondering Pikaia: ScienceOnline09 Conference Update
Lots more on Twitter and Friendfeed. Continuing tomorrow….

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  1. Thanks for organizing a wonderful conference!