Have you hugged your squirrel today?

Did you forget that today is the Squirrel Appreciation Day?

3 responses to “Have you hugged your squirrel today?

  1. I like Squirrels. But Squirrels resent me.
    See, it was Friday at the school camp and the kids were loading on the buses to go home when my cabin came running: “Marty! Marty! there’s this squirrel!”
    “Yeah’ right.” But I went. Here was a red squirrel caught in the cyclone fence at his hips about a yard off the ground. At the end of the week my powers were not at their best. So I reached out to grasp the critter behind its shoulders. A gentle pull and he was through the fence. His teeth sank into my forefinger in gratitude. As the sixth graders yelled hooray to the squirrel scampering off to where ever it was bound, I watched the blood engulfing my finger. On the truck ride down the hill to the doc’s office in town I held a wad of towels around my hand and berated myself for not putting on the gloves in my pocket.
    That damn squirrel never did send a thank you note.

  2. Don’t forget the poster child for the Squirrel Appreciation movement, courtesy of Marvel Comics.