Darwin Day on Twitter

No, really, it was Anne-Marie’s idea. She started it! Yeah, don’t look at me!
Charles Darwin is on Twitter, Alfred Wallace is on Twitter, Richard Owen is on Twitter, even Bishop Wilberforce (aka Soapy Sam) is on Twitter. Where is Huxley?
We are already having fun retweeting non-existent Darwin tweets 😉 I hope the real Darwin and others respond with humorous stuff:
@BoraZ I can see it; “@arwallace: damn!”
Bora: @rowen next time I’ll block you!
BoraZ: RT @cdarwin Please: need info on modification/domestication in pigeons for a book
BoraZ: RT @cdarwin w00t! Going on a cruise: Argentina, Galapagos, Australia! + dining with the Captain every day!
BoraZ: RT @cdarwin: @thhuxley – remember that @bishop_wilberforce is a troll.
BoraZ: Oh, Wilberforce is here: @SoapySam God has delivered him into my hands 😉
#Darwin is the proper hashtag on Twitter for this week’s celebrations, so dig in!


2 responses to “Darwin Day on Twitter

  1. Well, Aldous Huxley is on twitter – so we’re getting warmer.