Meetings I’d like to go to….Part II

Some meetings are medium-sized, some are big, some are huge. But the best conferences are usually pretty small. Following this logic, the best conferences must be microconferences – just a few intrepid explorers gathering in some remote place on Earth….like Norfolk, for example, sharing fish and chips and shooting a movie about Darwin.
Oh, wow, there is just such a conference! Cromer Is So Bracing ’09 (or Cromer International Science Blogging, if you want to be extra nice….or grandiose…). Oh, I so wish I could go there and share beer with my friends, including the venerable host Henry Gee. Even the place is familiar to me.
But I missed the deadline to start swimming, and anyway, Atlantic is pretty cold at this time of year. I heard there are other methods of crossing the ocean as well. Some of those are limited to a small number of people who can afford it. Others are limited to an even smaller number of people who are capable of walking on water (I am not one of those – trust me, I tried).
So, I will have to settle for a long-distance virtual coverage of this momentous meeting. I hope you will follow it as well. Check the #CISB hashtag on Twitter, check in the CISB’09 FriendFeed room and follow Henry’s ‘cromer is so bracing’ category on his blog (I am not aware of a Facebook event for this). I am sure other participants will blog it as well. The homepage for the meeting is here.
And there will also be a live-stream feed on Graham Steel’s page on Mogulus. I can’t wait to see the Darwin movie they’ll produce!

3 responses to “Meetings I’d like to go to….Part II

  1. Eh, walking on water is easy. All you have to do is wait until it freezes.

  2. Bora – you are always MOST welcome at the Maison Des Girrafes. We’ll raise a glass and drink your noble health.

  3. I won’t know until tomorrow or Saturday how well the live-stream will work. I don’t have a laptop, so we’ll have to see what equipment folks have at the venue, test the wi-fi and hook up my web cam etc. Fingers crossed….