The Best of February

In February I posted 166 times. This includes two BPR3-icon-worthy posts about science! The first was on Circadian Rhythm of Aggression in Crayfish with the longish addendum on citing blog posts in scientific literature. The second was An Awesome Whale Tale, and, related to this paper, I announced the new Palaeontology Collection in PLoS ONE in Fossils! Fossils! Fossils!. I also did an interview with Dr.Adam Ratner.
I have covered another session in ScienceOnline’09 – Saturday 3:15pm – Blog carnivals. Miss Baker and her students were on NPR and one of the students wrote a Malaria Song that spread virally across the Web.
I gave an hour-long radio interview about ScienceOnline’09, science blogging and science journalism, and you can listen to the podcast.
Carl Zimmer was in town for Darwin Day so we had great fun at his talk and after.
I was on the Media roll again, starting with D.C. press corps dissed again – but this time for good reasons, continuing with A Quick Note to Huffington Post and Incendiary weekend post on bloggers vs. journalists, then noted that Carrboro Citizen won six NC press awards, and ending with Why good science journalists are rare? and two linkfests of good related stuff: A smorgasbord…. and On the Media – your weekend reading (instead of the hardcopy NYT you are not subscribed to anyway) (plus several more link and copy+paste posts on the topic).
On blogging and social media, there were, as usual, several posts. First, I asked Do you comment on your own blog?. Then, relating it to politics, Who has power?. Then I traced The Evolution of Facebook, announced the North Carolina group on Nature Network, pointed to the analysis of User activity on PLoS ONE, announced an amazing inaugural Diversity in Science Carnival and noted a two-fer from the Nature Publishing group on the same day: Nature: It’s good to blog and Nature Methods: It’s good to blog.
I also listed several meetings I’d like to go to: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V and Part VI.
I went to NYC and participated in a panel on Open Science, then had coffee with Jay Rosen, lunch with John Timmer, dinner with a bunch of bloggers and another dinner in a Serbian restaurant before coming home.
Next week I’ll be in Boston, so if you are there, meet me.


2 responses to “The Best of February

  1. That’s impressive. When do you sleep?

  2. I sleep. But while I sleep, MT4 works! Viva la post-scheduling ability of MoveableType!