Next week in Boston

As you may have noticed, I’ll be in Boston next week.
On March 8th, I’ll go to the Science Cafe:

It may seem Hollywood, but there are many accomplished scientists currently scanning the skies for signs of alien intelligence. What are they looking for? Flying saucers and little green men?
Actually, think talk radio and TV soap operas. We’ve been broadcasting signals like these for around 80 years, and some are powerful enough to reach other star systems. So there is a chance that aliens are out there broadcasting similar signals–signals we may be able to detect.
But how will we know a signal is from intelligent life? What will we do when we find one? Will we be able to translate it? Why is the idea of aliens so compelling? Is this worth spending money on? Are aliens possessed by reality TV too?
Harvard physicist Paul Horowitz has been a part of the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence since before ET ever phoned home. Join Paul and Cafe Sci this Sunday for great conversation, food, and drinks.
Starts at 6:30pm, Sunday, March 8
Middlesex Lounge ( )
315 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

It’s going to be fun for sure: science+pizza+beer, who can ask for more? So, if you come to that, try to spot me in the crowd and say Hello.
The next day, on Monday, March 9, 2009 at 6:00pm, we’ll meet at Casablanca Restaurant which is at 40 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA. If you are a scientist, blogger, reader, come and let’s eat and drink together. If you are on Facebook, I have made an Event page so you can get all the information.

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