The Best of March

I posted 239 posts in March.
The best post of the month, IMHO, is Defining the Journalism vs. Blogging Debate, with a Science Reporting angle which is now slowly accumulating comments as well as links from various places online.
My second-best post was the in-depth review of Fiddler On The Roof with Topol.
The Open Laboratory 2008 is now up for sale. The guest editor for the Open Laboratory 2009 was announced with great fanfare.
Lots this month about ‘citizen scientists, e.g., Science crowdsourcing – ecology. And Twitter for Birders. I also discovered an Innovative Use of Twitter: monitoring fish catch! And Try to get strangers to talk using objects on April 5th. And a Call for articles: User-led Science, Citizen Science, Popular Science
I had a productive and pleasant trip to Boston. And the ‘Beacons of the Bloggerati’ came back yet another year. In the meantime, the video from the Columbia panel on Open Science was uploaded online. And I got quoted in a Nature article about science blogging and journalism.
Are solo authors less cited?
It was also a busy week at PLoS. We started everyONE blog. We redesigned our article pages with new functionalities (and PLoS Medicine migrated onto TOPAZ platform). You can now use LaTeX when submitting manuscripts to PLoS ONE. And I awarded the first Blog Pick Of The Month.
And I could not resist taking some more stabs at journalism and politics.
And lots of cool videos, cartoons, quotes, links and announcements….


3 responses to “The Best of March

  1. Very good. I like the Best Of thing, and I’m trying to remember to do mine every month as well.

  2. What happens when the “Best of” post happens to be one of the best of in a given month. Does this create some sort of rip in the fabric of the blogosphere?

  3. Ha! I am my own aggregator! And filter. And editor, and critic. Ain’t this ‘new journalism’ great?