He Said She Said Journalism Dissected

He Said, She Said Journalism: Lame Formula in the Land of the Active User by Jay Rosen. And his new podcast with Dave Winer, mostly about the AP fiasco, has been posted here. Worth a read and a listen.

3 responses to “He Said She Said Journalism Dissected

  1. I have discussed the He Said She Said journalism before, e.g.,
    and my first critique was in 2005: http://tinyurl.com/damr5o

  2. Interesting discussion here

  3. The physicist Jacques Distler blogged thusly in 2002:

    The much-anticipated New York Times article on the Bogdanov scandal has appeared. Alas, it suffers from the usual journalistic conceit that a proper newspaper article must cover a “controversy”. There must be two sides to the controversy, and the reporter’s job is to elicit quotes from both parties and present them side-by-side. Almost inevitably, this “balanced” approach sheds no light on the matter, and leaves the reader shaking his head, “There they go again…”