‘Special for Bora’

Earlier today I went up the street to Town Hall Grill and saw their white-board where they write the descriptions of Dinner Specials….and there is a new one today with the name “Special for Bora”! Wow! The perks of being a regular customer!
Well, of course I got one, brought it home, re-arranged it on one of my plates and took a picture:
special for Bora.jpg
Deliciously tender fried chicken, corn on the cob and fresh (probably locally grown) vegetables: carrots, squash. onions and broccoli. A very summery, light and delicious meal! Yum!


6 responses to “‘Special for Bora’

  1. From now on that will always be The Bora to me.
    “So, what are you cooking for dinner tonight, dad?”
    “I thought we’d have Boras.”
    “Great, but you do remember that we had Boras last night…”
    “I know, but we have some chicken left over, and I thought I’d try something different. Some new potatoes in with the veggies.”
    “Cool. I’m hungry, you better get cooking. Can I have a snack?”

  2. Sounds delicious to me.

  3. Looks wonderful, but if carrots of that diameter were locally grown, they are last year’s crop.

  4. Half a fried chicken is a “light” meal?

  5. Catharine Zivkovic

    Damned unfair! 6’1″ and 125 lbs and for him, half a fried chicken *is* a light meal. I smell it and gain weight. There is no justice.

  6. you can build a dinosaur out of chicken bones…reduce, reuse, recycle!