Twitter: What’s All the Chirping About?

That is the title of the article in the latest issue of BioScience by Elia Ben-Ari (@smallpkg on Twitter) which just came online today (if you’d rather see the PDF, click here).
It is a nice article about Twitter and the way scientists use it, the difference between ‘lifecasting’ and ‘mindcasting’ (with attribution to Jay Rosen for the concept), a brief mention of FriendFeed, and quotes from Jonathan Eisen, David Bradley and myself. It also mentions the National Phenology Network and North Carolina Sea Grant experiments in using Twitter for collection of scientific data.

One response to “Twitter: What’s All the Chirping About?

  1. Hello Bora,
    I signed up for a Twitter account on the 1rst of July:
    I am not sure about the best way to really use it. So far I have only used it for what I might call ‘work-casting’, because I’m not really in a position to be able to talk about what I’m researching directly where I guess I could more ‘mind-cast’ in that situation. I don’t notice that very many of friends or fellow researchers are using Twitter (unlike Facebook where they are signed up and active).