Cartoons, comic strips and original art for the Open Laboratory 2009

In 2006 we did not include any comic strips in the anthology. In 2007, the Evolgen cartoon, The Lab Fridge was included in the book. In 2008, the winner was an XKCD comic, Purity, while original art by Glendon Mellow was featured on the cover.
Many bloggers make original visual stuff on their blogs – they draw, scan in their kids’ drawings, play with photoshop, do photography or make art. Let’s see some more of that submitted for the next edition. So far, the only submissions in this category are:
Articulate Matter: Proper Lab Technique
The Flying Trilobite: ‘Science-Chess Accommodating Religion’…contest!
Piled Higher & Deeper (PHDComics): Great Tweets of Science
Stripped Science: The right pairing
Stripped Science: Catfight
Science After Sunclipse: Where Does Our Information Come From?
Tessa’s Braces: Exploratorium
xkcd: Correlation
xkcd: Newton and Leibniz
Let’s see some more – just click on the button:

4 responses to “Cartoons, comic strips and original art for the Open Laboratory 2009

  1. Thank you – I did not have it tagged as art/cartoon in the original file – thanks for reminding me.

  2. Eh, I did an E-coLOLi one-off back in around March to throw out for some random comment at Fark vaguely connected to Lenski’s work. I don’t recall where on GIS that I got the pre-LOL pic from, however.
    “Correlation” looks a likely winner to me.

  3. Great links