The Best of August

I have posted 131 times last month (definitely a decrease in numbers as most of the one-off quick-links are now going straight to Twitter/FriendFeed/Facebook instead of cluttering the blog). Interestingly, many of last month’s posts were some amazing videos – check them out. Here are some of the highlights:
Not-so-self-correcting science: the hard way, the easy way, and the easiest way was, in my opinion, the best post of the month, with The Perils of Predictions: Future of Physical Media coming in second place.
ScienceOnline2010 is off to a good start. But unfortunately, I had to miss its offspring, the Science Online London.
Several more interviews with the participants of ScienceOnline09 came in, including with Danielle Lee, Carlos Hotta, Erin Cline Davis, Bjoern Brembs, John Hogenesch and Danica Radovanovic.
The number of submissions for OpenLab 09 is growing, including for art and cartoons and poetry.
I won a wonderful piece of art. And also bought a cool sciency t-shirt.
I could not resist having a month pass without making a jab at journalists – twice: ‘Bloggers’ vs ‘Audience’ is over? or, Will the word ‘blogger’ disappear? and I don’t care about business models of journalism/publishing. The former is better, the latter got more comments. And I heaped praise on journalists who deserve it as well: Student journalists are doing it right – The new The Daily Tar Heel rocks!
I participated in a meeting about the future direction of RTP. And was visited by a friendly deer.
Hey, there was even science on this scienceblog last month – No more ‘alpha male’! And perhaps related – Weight Loss – what works, really? and Who are you calling fat, eh?
Job-related, I announced the PLoS ONE Blog Pick of the Month and we introduced PLoS Currents: Influenza.
I could not resist writing a plug for Archy in The exciting history of history of science. And mammoths! and a plug for The World Science podcast/forum: May Berenbaum – DDT vs. Malaria: The Lesser of Two Evils?.
I collected some good links about academia, science and publishing in yet another edition of Praxis. And then I discovered a good new local science/nature blog.