DonorsChoose – Classroom Science Around The Clock

As regular readers of already know, October is the month when a bunch of us raises challenges to fund science, math and technology projects in schools.
Several of my Sciblings have already set up their challenges and a few more will add theirs soon, I know. There will be a healthy competition with some other blogging networks, of course 😉
You can find my challenges at Classroom Science Around The Clock, look at the projects – all coming from ‘High Poverty’ schools in North Carolina – and donate whatever you can. If many people pitch in a little bit each, these projects will get funded and kids will get supplies they need to learn science and math.
The widget, below, will be on my left sidebar throughout the month of October, so take a look there every time you visit my blog, see how the challenges are doing, and add a little where needed.

Also, many of my SciBlings explain this better than I do, so check their intro posts out: Janet (and more Janet), Chad, Sciencewomen, Razib, DrugMonkey, Dr.Isis, Grrlscientist, Pal MD and a geobloggers collective, comprised of Erik, Kim and Chris.

One response to “DonorsChoose – Classroom Science Around The Clock

  1. While we may not have the readership you do, we are still taking this challenge quite seriously. Be warned! ;o)