Tweetlinks, 10-02-09

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igNobels 2009
China Is Wordless on Traumas of Communists’ Rise
Turkey: student protester hurls shoe at IMF chief
Blogging a science conference: Interview with Alex Knoll
Friday Weird Science: The shark with two ‘heads’
How Google Wave could transform journalism
Do Vaccines Cause Autism? Correlation vs. Causation: video1 and video2
The eScience revolution – Rensselaer researchers to create semantic Web platforms for massive scientific collaboration
M.I.T. Taking Student Blogs to Nth Degree
Which university has the best looking library repository online?
Circadian and social cues regulate sodium channel trafficking in electric fish
The Shifting Demographic Landscape of Influenza
Futurity Imperfect – The science journalism community weighs in as a new website blurs the line between reporting and public relations.
At long last, meet Ardipithecus ramidus
Ardipithecus ramidus
What Newspaper Cartoonists Can Learn from Web Comics
Yes, a tiny but loud niche: The Wizard of Beck – David Brooks explains that rightwing radio is ethereal at best.
Love is like a zoom lens
1st review of Rebecca Skloot’s book
Rescuing The Reporters – Clay Shirky counts the number of news stories produced by his hometown paper with a staff of 59 – 9 stories by all 6 of their reporters. Similar to what Jay Rosen did recently.
If you missed it before – much liveblogging of #scio10 will probably occur in the FriendFeed room
Electronic publication of zoological names: Contributions to the Discussion on Electronic Publication II (pdf) //Hey, I was quoted in it!
World Science Festival 2009: Pioneers in Science: “Harold Varmus answers a question about PLoS and PubMed – video

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