It’s so easy to re-use Open Access stuff (video)

It’s barely been a day since PLoS ONE published the article Discovery of the Largest Orbweaving Spider Species: The Evolution of Gigantism in Nephila when a video appeared on YouTube mashing up images and text from the press release:

Of course, as this is Open Access, nobody needs to worry about copyright and stuff….though a direct link to the paper would have been nice (or, considering the infamous YouTube commenters, perhaps better not!).
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One response to “It’s so easy to re-use Open Access stuff (video)

  1. Also see this linked discussion over at FriendFeed:-
    Having contacted the maker of the video, there IS now a link to the PLoS ONE Manu from that page on YouTube.
    It’s also worth noting that this Manu has now been accessed over 36,000 times already !!