The Best of October

October was a very busy month and the blog must have felt a little neglected. Still, I managed to post 142 times last month…and not just Clock Quotes.
Open Access Week was in October, and I particularly paid attention to Open Access Week in Serbia.
I announced the PLoS ONE Blog Pick of the Month for September 2009 , the new Genomics of Emerging Infectious Disease PLoS Collection and the New and Exciting in PLoS ONE – articles with embedded interactive 3D structures.
I got off the computer, out of the house and in the car and went to some science/technology local sites and events, which I blogged about in Field Trip! Water, sewage and flowers and New jobs in North Carolina at CREE, producing LED lights.
The big job last month for us was managing the registration for ScienceOnline2010. Within three days of opening for registration we had to close as we were full. Then I had to put together the final program Schedule.
You can hear more about ScienceOnline2010 On Duke Radio. And I started introducing the participants here, here, here, here and here.
Nothing raises the excitement about ScienceOnline2010 as much as reading the interviews with participants of ScienceOnline09. In October, I added four more interviews – with Arikia Millikan, Tatjana Jovanovic-Grove, Blake Stacey and Daniel Brown.
Being busy, instead of writing I posted a bunch of really cool videos – see The Piano Stairway, Plastic in the Pacific Gyre can be microscopic and never biodegrade, Why does plastic accumulate in the North Pacific Gyre?, It’s so easy to re-use Open Access stuff, Open Access 101 (video), Teslapunk Antique Toilet of the Future, 500,000 Brazilian free-tailed bats fly out of a cave and Video of Anne Frank Surfaces on YouTube.
And I collected good links on Twitter and posted the best of them here in daily Tweetlinks.