ScienceOnline2010 – introducing the participants: parents and children

As you know you can see everyone who’s registered for the conference, but I highlight 4-6 participants every day as this may be an easier way for you to digest the list. You can also look at the Program so see who is doing what.
There are three parent-child pairs coming to the conference in January and all three have been here before:
John and Sam Dupuis are a father and son. John is the Head of the Steacie Science & Engineering Library at York University and a SciBling, blogging at Confessions of a Science Librarian. I interviewed John last year after the 2008 conference. His son Sam blogs on Science of Sorts on My Mind. He came to ScienceOnline09 with his Dad and I interviewed him as well. At the Conference, John will co-moderate the session on “Online Reference Managers”. He can also be found on Twitter.
Tatjana Jovanovic-Grove and Djordje Jeremic are a mother and son pair, originally from my homeland of Serbia. They both came to ScienceOnline09 and are coming back for more. Tatjana is a biologist and an artist. Djordje is a blogger and an origami artist. I interviewed both Tanja and Djordje earlier this year. At the Conference, Tatjana will co-moderate a session on “Open Access and Science Career Hurdles in the Developing world”.
Kim and Patty Gainer are the veterans of all four conferences. Kim teaches English and writing at Radford University in Virginia. She also writes fantasy fan fiction. Her daughter Patty is a student at New River Community College.

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