Tweetlinks, 11-10-09

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Busting Marine Myths: Sharks DO Get Cancer!
Who gave Tierney a column!? The New York Times Columnist Who’s Helping To Ruin The Future
ORGASM INC., documentary reveals a drug company’s fevered race to develop the first FDA-approved Viagra for women.
Open Lab PSA
Urban Farming Grows Food and Nourishes Minds, Social Justice
32 scientwists with 2000+ Twitter followers and Scientists on twitter: Almost 1000 of the little tweeters
Scientists vs Researchers
What if the mag­a­zine arti­cle of the future, the album of the future, and the novel of the future are all the same thing? And what if they’re all events?
Why university public-access mandates are good for science – David Shulenburger in PLoS Biology
What do public policy and economics have to do with evolutionary theory?
41 Nobelists, including Varmus, write open letter to congress supporting Federal Research Public Access Act: An Open Letter to the U.S. Congress Signed by 41 Nobel Prize Winners
The social skills of great journalists: “great journalists are great at making, and keeping, knowledgeable friends”
What would you send in for a scanning electron microscopy image? ASPEX is offering to do it for free…
Durham Science Cafe (Periodic Tables) tonight at 7pm is about swine flu and smart textiles: Masking the Swine Flu: A Textiles Approach
This Is Your Brain on Kafka “Does absurdist literature make you smarter? Giraffe carpet cleaner, it does!”
Ways to kill an idea
College e-mail accounts headed for extinction?
Not diving but skimming – a new source for articles
Cell’s “leading edge analysis” is woefully deficient when it comes to life-science citizen scientists.

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