Every session at ScienceOnline2010 has its own page

If you go either to the page that lists all the Friday morning Workshops or the main Saturday/Sunday Program page you will see that each session has a title, names (and links to homepages) of moderators and a brief description.
Now, you can also see that at the end of each description there is a link that says “Discuss here”. If you click on any of those links, you will be transported to the individual wiki page of that particular session/demo/workshop.
Moderators have been asked to use those individual pages. They may expand the description so it’s longer. They may put their notes there. Or add important links. Or add/link/embed important files. They may ask questions: what do you want discussed there? And they will answer your questions if you put them there – just edit the page and ask. An entire discussion may (and hopefully will) occur on that page.
If you blog about a particular session, or write an MSM piece about it, or have images or audio/video files of it, please remember to post the permalink on that session’s page as well. We want these pages to be archives of what happens at the conference. As we’ll try to livestream and record all sessions, we’ll also link or embed the recordings on the individual pages as well – a record for the future.
The conference lasts, in physical space, only about three days. But each and every session can have a much longer life, on its individual wiki page, both before and after the meeting.

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