The Most Useless Machine EVER! (video)



8 responses to “The Most Useless Machine EVER! (video)

  1. Ebay is made for things like this.

  2. Very nice implementation of that one.
    Box with big red button and LCD display.
    Display reads “Press to Start”
    You press it.
    As soon as the button is down, display changes to read “Release button to detonate”.
    Up until TSA I had thought seriously about building one of these (without the advertised ending natch). I don’t think they would get the joke these days.

  3. As soon as I pressed the Post button I realized this could be a very simple purely mechanical box. I guess I just detonated my own comment.

  4. geee, I don’t know, I can picture George Bush finding this endlessly fascinating in his retirement!

  5. Then there is the “Little Jiffy Fuse-Blower”; a box so labeled in big bold letters with a heavy-duty cord and plug for the nearest wall socket and containing a high current capacity switch that puts a dead short across the line when thrown. I’m told that engineers are particularly vulnerable to this one.

  6. The Ultimate Machine, going back to at least Claude Shannon.

  7. I’m still partial to the Buna-b. Simplicity is a virtue.

  8. Marion Delgado

    It’s a Feynman time machine! It ends up in a stuck superimposed state.