Sigma Xi Pizza Lunch – conserving and restoring North Carolina coastal ecosystems

Our first 2010 American Scientist pizza lunch is scheduled for noon, Tuesday, Jan. 26. at Sigma Xi in Research Triangle Park. No doubt you’ve heard about the many forces degrading coastlines. This time we’ll hear from someone intimately involved with the challenges of conserving and restoring North Carolina coastal ecosystems, especially oyster reefs. That would be David Eggelston, a marine biologist and director of the Center for Marine Science and Technology at N.C. State University.
American Scientist Pizza Lunch is free and open to science journalists and science communicators of all stripes. Feel free to forward this message to anyone who might want to attend. RSVPs are required (for an accurate slice count) to cclabbyATamsciDOTorg
Directions to Sigma Xi:
Regarding scheduling: As you’ve noticed, pizza lunch talk dates haven’t been held on consistent dates this year. While we’ve aimed for the third Tuesday of each month, we work within some constraints, including the availability of meeting space, our speakers’ schedules and, most important to a few of us, the production schedule of our magazine. So you can plan in advance, here are the Pizza Lunch talk dates for coming months: Feb. 18, March 30 and April 20.
And remember, if you have to miss, you can always catch up by downloading podcasts of the talks at:

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