How To Report The News (video) – Hillarious because it is true

The wisest line? At 0:56: “we want to hear what is actually happening, not what people are saying about it”. That is the problem with journalism (all media, not just TV) in a nutshell: the #1 reason journalists are very low in the polls of trustworthiness in comparison with many other professions. Safety in quoting, instead of telling it as it is and assigning Truth-values to statements. That is post-modernism: to hell with the facts, what is important is what random people feel about the facts and say about them. The video is funny because it is so true.
Hat-tip: Grrrlscientist
And here is a print example which demonstrates exactly the same thing, with potentially dangerous consequences.

2 responses to “How To Report The News (video) – Hillarious because it is true

  1. What’s important with the news media (in contrast to ‘the press’) is ‘how many people are watching’. No matter what they’re covering, they’re doing it so that it generates viewers which in turn correlates to the amount of money they charge their advertisers who pay for their production.

  2. I Like the part where he says “he’s pacing steadily towards the lens… ignoring all the prigs milling around him, like he’s gliding through the freaking Matrix…”