The Open Laboratory 2009 – It is Live!

OpenLab09coverart.jpgYes, the day has finally arrived! The anthology is now up for sale!
Just go ahead right now and click on this link right here, then click on the “Add To Cart” button and one copy (or more!) of this amazing book will be yours!
SciCurious did a fantastic job as this year’s editor – and it shows. You’ll see when you get your copy. Really.
Also, huge props to Blake and his LaTeX and generally tech-savviness for putting the book together so it looks really good (and is actually loaded on the site!).
Cover art was done by Glendon Mellow who used the cover design by Dave Ng.
The list of judges is so long, I cannot possibly link to everyone here, but they are all acknowledged in the book.
If you wish to publish a book review of Open Lab 2009, please contact me directly for a review copy. Or just buy one by clicking here – paperback or PDF download. I will also let you know when it is available on and will also explore the ways for putting it on Kindle.

And thank you to all who helped us spread the word in various online spaces, including on their blogs:
The Loom
Urban Science Adventures
The Flying Trilobite
Rigor Vitae
Bench TwentyOne
The Scientific Activist
Science After Sunclipse
Mr Science Show
Byte Size Biology


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