Explaining Science to the Public

Chris Brodie is teaching the ‘Explaining Science to the Public’ class at NC State University. His students come from English, science and engineering departments and he is teaching them how to write well and how to utilize all of the modern technologies for science communication.
The students are now all on Twitter – yup, that’s a class assignment – and you can follow their discussions if you search for the #esttp hashtag.
I visited their class last month and discussed various new forms of online science communication with them. Almost all of them also came to hear a wonderful presentation by Dr.Rick Bonney of Cornell Ornithology Lab about citizen science the other night at Sigma Xi.
Now they have started a class blog – Explaining Science to the Public – and posted their first stories. Chris and students would really appreciate it if you would read and comment on their stories and help them improve their brand-new craft – for most of the students, this is their very first attempt at doing something like this: writing about science for lay audience AND doing it out in public on a blog (so be gentle – these are not seasoned science bloggers, hardened by years of fighting various denialists, pseudoscientists and creationists online in bitter and nasty battles).


2 responses to “Explaining Science to the Public

  1. I left some comments on a nice post about the use of zebrafish in cancer research. Thanks for shining light on more student blogs.

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