Today’s carnivals

Circus of the Spineless #48: Cabinet of Curiosity is up on Matthew Sarver: The Modern Naturalist
Diversity in Science Carnival #7: Black History Month – Broadening STEM Participation at every level – is up on Urban Science Adventures! ©
Carnival of the Green #215! is up on Project Earth
The 131st Skeptics’ Circle is up on Providentia
Friday Ark #284 is up on Modulator


One response to “Today’s carnivals

  1. You can add Scientia Pro Publica 22, to be found here at:
    Stephen introduces it thusly:

    Roll up! Roll up! Lay-deeeez and Genne-men! Step right in! We have here today for your delectation and amazement a veritable cornucopia of comeliness, a festival of fecundity, a very large bucket of sciency bits, in all their wondrous and freakish varieties. We present Science Pro Publica Number Twenty-Two!