Dan Ariely – Behavioral Economics seminar

At North Carolina State University next week:

Seminar: Wednesday, March 10th, 4PM
Dr. Dan Ariely
James B. Duke Professor of Behavioral Economics, Duke University
Who Put the Monkey in the Driver’s Seat?
Venue: Room 101 David Clark Laboratories
The NCSU, W. M. Keck Center for Behavioral Biology is pleased to sponsor a seminar by a scholar in the field of Behavioral Economics who is also recognized for his ability to communicate the fascinating findings in this field to the public. When we make “decisions” we think that we are in control. Dan Ariely explains some of the hidden forces that actually control those decisions.

One response to “Dan Ariely – Behavioral Economics seminar

  1. Will there be an online presence for this seminar (either in real time or archived)? I am involved in a small behavioral economics seminar myself, several states away from you, and I suspect our enthusiastic and involved students might be very interested in this, having recently read and discussed Ariely’s work.