The Best of March

I posted 133 times in March.
I was quite focused on science communication and journalism this month and blogged quite a lot about these topics. See, for example, Why it is important for media articles to link to scientific papers, or New science journalism ecosystem: new inter-species interactions, new niches or What is journalism and do PIOs do it? And what’s with advertising? or What is Journalism? or Push vs. Pull strategies in science communication.
And I was keeping tab on what others are saying: Science Journalism/Communication week in review, Science Journalism must-reads of the day, New blog on science journalism and communication, Today’s must-reads on science communication/journalism and Crowdsourcing Honesty and Trust.
I did a post-publication peer-review of a paper about science blogging – Science blogs and public engagement with science and collected some responses to that in More on ‘Science blogs and public engagement with science’. That issue of Journal of Science Communication (Open Access) is now online so you can check out other papers there as well.
And this post, I think, is quite interesting: On organizing and/or participating in a Conference in the age of Twitter.
This was also a month of numerous local events. Of those, I went to and blogged about Ignite Raleigh, TEDxRTP and the DPAC production of Spring Awakening. And it was generally a busy time for me.
I was on radio again, discussing How to organize an Interactive Conference. I also asked you to do something for me: The Online News Association meeting – vote for my panel. And then I appeared, for the first time in my life, in a cartoon! Awards were announced and I was among the winners – check them all out. And since one of the categories I won in was ‘Biology’ and my biology posts are scattered all over the archives, I put them all together in one easy-to-find place.
Open Laboratory 2009 was reviewed at BoingBoing. And we have started collecting submissions for the 2010 edition.
Work-wise, I announced the PLoS ONE Blog Pick of the Month and also announced the new user functionality at PLoS – referenced PDFs via Pubget.
Following ScienceOnline2010, I started interviewing some of the participants. In March, I posted Q&As with Andrea Novicki, Andrew Thaler, Mark MacAllister, Andrew Farke, Robin Ann Smith, Christine Ottery, DeLene Beeland, Russ Williams, Patty Gainer, John McKay, Mary Jane Gore, Ivan Oransky, Diana Gitig, Dennis Meredith, Ed Yong, Misha Angrist and Jonathan Eisen.